Who We Are

Natural Bulk Supplies: Leading Wholesale Supplier of High-Quality, Pure Ingredients.

Welcome to Natural Bulk Supplies! As a business owner, we understand that you require access to high-quality, pure ingredients at affordable prices. This is why we specialize in providing premium raw materials for soap making, skincare, haircare, and other personal care products.

Our extensive range of products includes a variety of butter and oils, surfactants, and emulsifiers that can be used to formulate safe, effective, and natural products. You can rely on us to provide everything you need to create high-quality and natural products.

Our Mission: Making 100% Pure Ingredients Affordable

We believe that authentic, clean, and organic ingredients are not a luxury but a necessity. Our aim is to make sure that everyone can afford 100% pure ingredients. To achieve this, we partner with the most reliable suppliers across the globe to offer you top-notch, pure ingredients that are effortless to use and deliver consistent results.

Our Values: Authenticity, Efficacy, and Safety

At Natural Bulk Supplies, authenticity, efficacy, and safety are our top priorities. We are committed to being a trustworthy supplier for small business owners and DIY enthusiasts, providing them with premium ingredients for their formulations. We always go the extra mile to make sure our customers have access to the best products available.

Why Choose Natural Bulk Supplies?

Quality Ingredients

We carefully select ingredients from highly reliable suppliers across the globe to ensure that we offer you only the finest raw materials. Regardless of whether you are a cosmetic formulator or a skincare hobbyist, you can count on us to deliver top-notch ingredients that will elevate the quality of your products.


We recognize that cost-effectiveness is of utmost importance to everyone. For this reason, we provide reasonable prices that enable you to cut down on your business expenditures while maintaining the standard of your goods.


Our commitment to providing only the purest and most natural raw materials means you can confidently create safe, effective formulations of the highest quality.

Excellent Customer Service

At Natural Bulk Supplies, our top priority is providing exceptional customer service, lightning-fast shipping, and unbeatable prices on a variety of versatile ingredients, and We're always available to assist you in navigating the body care and skincare industry and selecting the ideal ingredients for your products.


Natural Bulk Supplies is dedicated to being your trusted supplier for years to come.